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Piercing Service Prices

*Price includes ONE new piercing, and our least expensive, safe jewelry option for that piercing.

*We have several fancier jewelry options available as well at an additional cost. 

$70    Earlobe ($140 for a set of 2 piercings)
$70    Ear Cartilage piercing (Tragus, Daith, Rook, Helix ,etc.)
$70    Nostril
$70    Septum
$90    Eyebrow
$90    Navel (Belly-Button)
$90    Nipple ($180 for a pair)
$90   Tongue piercing
$70    Lip piercing
$90    Industrial Ear piercing (2point)
$90    Orbital Ear piercing
$90+   Genital piercing – base price depends on placement and anatomy
$100   Surface Piercing, anchor/surface bar

The total price will depend on which piece(s) of safe jewelry you choose from our extensive selection at the studio. All other pricing is done at the studio. Feel free to message us with any questions

Not every piercing or piece of jewelry fits everyone’s anatomy, so we prefer to take care of these details in person, at the studio during your appointment. You can easily book online HERE

All jewelry used for new piercings is:

  • Brand new, Internal-threaded or threadless (press-fit)
  • Made of implant grade F-136 Titanium, F-1295 Titanium, F-67 Titanium, Pure Niobium, 14kt-18kt Gold or Borosilicate Glass.
  • Hand polished to a mirror surface finish.
  • Autoclave sterilized at our studio by a state of the art Statim S2000 Sterilizer.
  • Guaranteed for life against any manufacturer defects i.e. gemstones coming out of their metal setting or threads stripping, breakage etc.
  • Our jewelry is manufactured by wonderful people that are dedicated to quality, earning a living wage, and keeping us and our customers happy. Feel free to checkout our jewelry selection on the page.

We will have plenty of time to go over all of your options during your piercing or jewelry fitting appointment.

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