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Frequently asked questions

New Piercings

1.1 How much is a piercing?

*Prices listed include our least expensive, safe jewelry option.
We have several fancier options available as well. 

$70    Earlobe ($140 for a set of 2 piercings)
$70    Ear Cartilage piercing (Tragus, Daith, Rook, Helix ,etc.)
$70    Nostril
$70    Septum
$90    Eyebrow
$90    Navel (Belly-Button)
$90    Nipple ($180 for a pair)
$90   Tongue piercing
$70    Lip piercing
$90    Industrial Ear piercing (2point)
$90    Orbital Ear piercing
$90+   Genital piercing – base price depends on placement and anatomy
$100   Surface Piercing, anchor/surface bar

The total price will depend on which piece(s) of safe jewelry you choose from our extensive selection at the studio. All other pricing is done at the studio. Feel free to message us with any questions

Not every piercing or piece of jewelry fits everyone’s anatomy, so we prefer to take care of these details in person, at the studio during your appointment. You can easily book online HERE

All jewelry we use for new piercings is:

  • Brand new, Internal-threaded or threadless (press-fit)
  • Made of implant grade F-136 Titanium, F-1295 Titanium, F-67 Titanium, Pure Niobium, 14kt-18kt Gold or Borosilicate Glass.
  • Hand polished to a mirror surface finish.
  • Autoclave sterilized at our studio by a state of the art Statim S2000 Sterilizer.
  • Guaranteed for life against any manufacturer defects i.e. gemstones coming out of their metal setting or threads stripping, breakage etc.
  • Our jewelry is manufactured by wonderful people that are dedicated to quality, earning a living wage, and keeping us and our customers happy. Feel free to checkout our jewelry selection on the page.

We will have plenty of time to go over all of your options during your piercing or jewelry fitting appointment.

1.2 Will you pierce my infant’s earlobes?

Nope. When your child is old enough to start showing an interest in wanting their earlobes pierced, we are more than happy to do this for you. This can be a great experience for everyone if you wait until they’re ready for piercings. We regularly pierce the earlobes of kiddos starting at age 2 if they’re excited about it and their parents are ready for the additional care.
Infants are unable to resist touching and pulling on their piercings or ask for help if they need it.

1.3 What is your policy on piercing minors?

For the below list of piercings, your child must be age 13 or older with a Photo ID card. They must also be accompanied by a parent or LEGAL guardian with a state issued ID card and paperwork when necessary. The child's ID can be a Photo ID Card from school or sports, Driving Permit, Passport, or other government issued ID card. 

*Ear Cartilage i.e. tragus, daith, helix, etc.
*Navel (Belly-Button)

AGE 16+
*Tongue piercing 

*Earlobes age 2+ No ID is required from children for piercing of the soft tissue of earlobe piercings. 
When your child is old enough to start showing an interest in wanting their earlobes pierced, we’d be more than happy to do this for you. This can be a great experience for everyone if you wait until they’re ready for piercings. We commonly pierce the earlobes of kiddos starting at age 2-3 if they’re excited for it and their parents are ready for the additional care and attention necessary.

1.4 May I bring in my own used jewelry for you to use in a new piercing?

No. Even if your jewelry is of excellent quality, we will not use any used jewelry for a new piercing/re-piercing. There is no way for us to be 100% positive that the used jewelry has only been worn by you. Sharing jewelry that has been previously worn by anyone else is dangerous. It simply can not be cleaned thoroughly enough to be completely sterilized (by autoclave or other methods), so potentially infectious germs from the previous wearer will grow back within hours of reprocessing.

Prion, bacterial, fungal, and viral infection and disease can be spread from person to person because of protein residues on previously worn body jewelry.

There is not yet a sufficiently effective technology for cleaning items that are in prolonged human contact for reuse in another person.

1.5 Will you use my unused (still in the package) jewelry from the novelty shop/internet in my new piercing?

We want your piercing(s) to heal with as few complications as possible. Even after we perform the piercing safely and give you proper aftercare advice to follow, if you’re wearing inferior jewelry, you’re bound to have issues. If your jewelry does not meet our high standards of safety, than no. We can not in good conscience use your outside jewelry for new piercings.

There is no “One size fits all” jewelry for any type of piercing. The piece that you bought online or at the novelty store in the mall is likely not going to fit well and cause discomfort. It’s best to be custom fitted with appropriately sized jewelry to suit YOUR specific anatomy. We offer FREE custom fitting with any new jewelry purchase to ensure a safe fit.

All of the jewelry at our studio is 100% biocompatible, so it’s safe to wear in piercings for prolonged periods of time. It’s all backed with a lifetime warranty as well!
Our metals will not tarnish. The gemstones are guaranteed not to fade, discolor or break after being worn for any length of time. Our threaded jewelry is warrantied against threads stripping or breaking. Each piece of jewelry is meticulously hand polished to a mirror-like surface finish to allow easier healing.

After I'm Pierced

2.1 My piercing is infected. What should I do?

More often than not, the alleged “infection” clients diagnose themselves with is simply a bit of an irritation from an accidental slip up in the aftercare routine or a misunderstanding of how to care for the piercing. The problem can usually be resolved with a quick consultation with a reputable Piercer.

If you suspect that your piercing has become “infected”,
DO NOT remove the jewelry. If it’s truly infected and you remove the jewelry, there will be no way for the infection to drain from the piercing and you may develop an abcess that requires medical attention.
DO NOT Google it.
Don’t wait it out to see if the problem will resolve on it’s own, it may just get worse without the direct attention of a caring professional.
Go see your local reputable piercer or piercing friendly medical professional and ask them for advice.

2.2 Why do I have little bumps forming around my piercing?

We like to refer to these as irritation bumps. They can be caused by many irritants. The best way to get rid of these irritation bumps is to 1st find out which irritant(s) has caused the bumps to appear and rid yourself of the irritant.
They can be caused by:
*Touching the healing piercing often
*Snagging/bumping the piercing
*Wearing low quality jewelry or ill-fitted jewelry
*Sleeping on the piercing
*Pressing a phone to the piercing
*Twisting/rotating the jewelry
*Hair products or other harsh chemicals on/near the piercing
*A simple misunderstanding in our gentle aftercare recommendations.

You may need to be fitted with a different length of jewelry until the bumps go away, depending on the severity of the bumps.
It’s always best to stop in for checkups so we can brainstorm together to find out whats going on and address the situation accordingly.
Thanks for asking!

2.3 Can I go swimming with my new piercing?

Depending on the location of the piercing, swimming can definitely hinder the healing time and cause complications. We suggest waiting several months before submerging your piercing into any body of water. Lakes, rivers, pools, and hot tubs can all harbor bacteria and chemicals that will likely cause distress to your healing piercing.

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